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"I have visited Harbour Medical Centers in Stuart, FL. Was reasonable, and it worked. Insurance paid half the cost. Staff is wonderful. And best yet, my knee pain is gone. I went 2x a week for 8 weeks, now, weekly for adjustments. No drugs, or injections. Try him first. Best yet, if he can’t help you, he tells you upfront!"

- Jan

"I must tell you that going to Dr. Wiedner for my chiropractic care, has literally changed A friend recommended that I see Dr. Wiedner before having any surgery. Through a series of adjustments, he was able to relieve the pinched nerve that was causing the problem. I have continued to have weekly adjustments and I believe his care gives me continued good health. My HIGHEST recommendation!"

- Lori

"I have been going to Dr. Wiedner for over a year. I walk better, have less pain & feel better each day. A friend saw me limping and said Dr. Wiedner could help me. Was she ever right! I had never used chiropractic care before and was not sure I could be helped. I will never doubt it again. I will continue to see Dr. Wiedner for preventive care. I highly recommend his care. If you have knee or back pain. Try it and see amazing results!"

- Cam

"Dr. Wiedner and his staff are beyond awesome! I have suffered from migraines and lower back pain most of my life. Dr. Wiedner offers a free exam and analysis to everyone. He listens to his patients and explains to you what is going on in your body and spine and how he and his staff will work to fix and restore your optimal health. He has restored my ability to live my life to its fullest. PAIN-FREE! Whether you need focused, more intensive treatments or just weekly maintenance Dr. Wiedner has you covered from head to toe!"

- Melissa L.

"About two months ago I started coming into Dr. Wiedner's office for neck pain. After two months, Dr. Wiedner has not only helped with my neck but has improved other parts of my lower and upper back. Both the doctor and all of his staff, create a friendly and positive atmosphere. I am extremely happy and appreciative of everyone's help within Wiedner Family Chiropractic, and I encourage others to reach out to their practice! : )"

- Amanda K.

"I have been experiencing neck and shoulder stiffness and discomfort for years. I tried another local Chiropractor and did not like my experience. I decided to give Dr. Wiedner a try and have experienced great improvement in just a few weeks. I am now symptom-free and still improving. I highly recommend Dr. Wiedner."

- Thomas W.

"Original patient in 2002, low back pain, and uneven hip alignment issues. Dr. Wiedner treated me for several months and all issues were resolved. No more pain. I moved out of the area, so the Dr. and I parted ways. Now I am back in the area with some back and knee issues, and the only person I chose to come back to was Dr. Wiedner. He is amazing, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. After only a few weeks back, I can already feel the progress. Thanks to everyone at Dr. Wiedner's office!"

- Tammy V.

"You'll be in good hands with Dr. Wiedner & his wonderful, caring & kind staff. I highly recommend them!"

- Nicole R.

"I have had neck and back pain for years. I had surgery 10 years ago to try to help with persistent TMJ problems and years of poor posture on top of scoliosis have left me with severe kyphosis. The therapy and adjustments I have received at Dr. Weidner's office have given me an amazing amount of relief from the pain and stiffness in both of those areas; significantly more than I anticipated. I am very happy with the results I have obtained."

- Katie B.


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